Frequently Asked Questions

No information below should be considered legal advice.

1Is Cannabis legal in New Jersey?
Cannabis in New Jersey is legal for both medical and recreational use for adults 21 years of age or older. It is legal to possess 6 ounces or less of recreational cannabis.

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2Are you licensed?
Yes, Holistic Solutions is a legal cannabis dispensary that is approved, licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission.
3What are your hours?

Our current hours are listed at the bottom of every page of this website.

4Will my purchases be tracked and reported to the government?
Only for the purposes of tracking your allotment as a medical patient. Information is not shared due to HIPPA laws or with Federal government
5How much cannabis can I buy?
Medical patients can purchase up to three ounces (3oz) with a prescription. Depending on your physician script, allotments may vary from 1oz-3oz. This is at the sole discretion of your doctor. Anyone 21 and over can purchase up to one ounce (1oz) per day.
6What forms of ID do you accept?
State issued Driver's License, Passports and Military ID.
7Do you only sell to New Jersey residents?
Anyone 21 years of age or older can purchase from our dispensary, including visitors to New Jersey.
8Can I use a delivery service to pick up my order?
We are not offering delivery at this time.
9May I smoke my cannabis at your dispensary?
No. Consumption is not allowed on the premises. No smoking or vaping allowed.
10Do you have reserved hours for medical patients?
Yes. The first two hours of each morning are reserved for medical sales only. Adult use sales start at 10:30AM.
11Can I take my cannabis purchase outside New Jersey?
No. It remains illegal to transport cannabis across state lines.